Breast cancer

  • 10/15/2019

    Protons 101: Breast Cancer and Heart Dose - Data Supporting The Much Broader Use of Proton Therapy

    This article applies to locally advanced breast cancers where nodal irradiation is required or cases where IMRT is being considered in breast cancer treatment. TAKE HOME MESSAGE – Proton plans are better at avoiding the heart than IMRT. Above are images showing a Proton Therapy plan on…

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  • 08/01/2019

    Real Men Wear Pink Campaign

    Today, I’m announcing my “Real Men Wear Pink Campaign” to help raise money to fight breast cancer. OFFICIAL LINK TO MY AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY PAGE. The campaign will run from August – October as we hold events to raise money and awareness regarding breast cancer and the risk and…

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  • 07/26/2019

    Protons 101: An example of a breast cancer proton therapy plan

    Today, we’ll walk through images from a breast cancer proton plan. From a technical standpoint, Its a unique case for a number of reasons but it does showcase some places and ways in which proton plans greatly outperform what we can accomplish using a traditional linear accelerator with either photons…

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  • 05/24/2019

    Protons 101: Breast Cancer, Radiation, and Heart Health

    DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t. Protecting the heart during the treatment of breast cancer is a critical component of developing an overall cancer treatment plan for a breast cancer patient. Before we start the more technical side of the…

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