Clinical Trials

Discovering even more ways to improve the lives of our patients.

Why Clinical Trials?

We strive to improve lives by researching the latest advancements in proton therapy. Our team is committed to participating in national clinical trials to further our knowledge of the benefits of proton therapy for cancer. Additionally, individuals who participate in open trials help pioneer new avenues for treatment approaches and applications.


Clinical trials within the field of proton therapy are meant to find the best methods to treat patients while reducing side effects. Proton therapy isn’t a new or experimental method, but doctors are seeking ways to refine treatment for a particular disease site to increase cure rates, reduce side effects, and be more cost-effective for patients.

Trials can be conducted a multitude of ways. Some trials are conducted at a single institution while some might be open across multiple institutions. Some trials may accrue less than 100 patients before closing to assess the results while other trials might accept thousands of patients.

At the Oklahoma Proton Center, we are constantly looking for ways to move the field forward either by initiating our own clinical trials or by participating in trials led by other proton centers. Most importantly, our doctors will always discuss all treatment options available for each patient, including possible clinical trials, so that you know all of your options.
Find out if you’re eligible for one of our clinical trials


Oklahoma Proton Center currently has the following clinical trials open:

  • Hypofractionated Treatment for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients – 5 treatments vs. 44 treatments


    Eligibility – Patients with low risk prostate cancer (Gleason 6 and PSA < 10). Other eligibility criteria may apply. Please contact our care team to find out if you are eligible. This is a randomized trial assessing the outcomes and side effect profiles for patients receiving 5 treatments of proton therapy for prostate cancer versus those receiving 44 treatments

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  • Randomized Breast Cancer Trial – Proton Therapy vs. Conventional Radiation Therapy


    Eligibility – Patients 21 years of age and older with non-metastatic breast cancer receiving radiation treatment after lumpectomy or mastectomy. This is a randomized trial assessing the comparative outcomes and side-effects for patients receiving proton therapy for breast cancer versus those receiving conventional radiation therapy. We are participating in this trial with many of the other proton centers in the country.

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  • Accelerated Partial Breast


    Eligibility – Patients 50 years of age and older with stage 0, I, or II breast and lesions 3.0 centimeters or less in size. Other eligibility criteria may apply. Please contact our care team to find out if you are eligible. This trial is assessing the efficacy of treating localized breast cancer with a fewer number of treatments and to a smaller treatment area.

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  • Prospective Registry trial


  • Eligibility – All patients treated at Oklahoma Proton Center are eligible to enroll in the prospective registry trial.

    This is a data-gathering trial for all proton patients. We collaborate with a number of proton centers around the country in recording and assessing follow-up data for patients treated at our center. All proton patients are eligible to enroll.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked clinical trial questions to help you understand why we participate in them and what they could mean for your journey.

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