Proton Fight Club

Proton Fight Club is an advocacy group for patients, their families and caretakers. It is an opportunity for patients to support each other through their journey and share their story in a powerful way

Patient Stories

Sharing your cancer experience enables you to look at your circumstance in a new light. It allows you to become an observer rather than a victim, to use the challenge as a source of strength, and to inspire hope for future survivors. Read some courageous stories from our inspiring survivors.

The Family I Found

"At Oklahoma Proton Center, every person I met couldn't have been happier to see me. When you walk through the door, they know you by name and honestly care about you. That's how I felt when I walked through, 'Amy it's so good to see you. How is your family? What are you going to do this weekend? What's this? What's that?' For that moment, I didn't have cancer."

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The Right Fit

"After I met the people there and learned more about the treatment, I knew it was the right place. We’re talking about my brain here – so there was no question I wanted to go with the option that would most precisely treat the tumor and not harm healthy tissue. After completing my six weeks of proton therapy, there was no doubt I had made the right choice."

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The Staff Who Care

"This world of fast learning, fast decisions, tests, more tests, more decisions, lots of waiting, surgery, and treatment plans, while the rest of the world keeps going, can be a lot. What I loved and didn’t know I would find and didn’t know I even needed was EXACTLY what I found at the Oklahoma Proton Center."

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Why FigHters Choose Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is the most technologically advanced method to deliver radiation treatments to cancerous tumors available today. The unique characteristics of protons allow it to deliver curative radiation doses while reducing doses to healthy tissues and organs resulting in fewer complications and side effects than standard radiation therapy.

Less radiation to the heart for breast cancer patients
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Reduced radiation to surrounding tissue compared to x-ray therapy
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of prostate cancer patients do not suffer a recurrance
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The care team battling alongside patients have stories of compassion and strength. Read about their experiences and what motivates them every day.


Watch stories of hope and courage from patients and their care team and learn more about the benefits of proton therapy.

Flex for the fight challenge

Join Proton Fight Club to help spread the word about this advanced form of treating cancer. You can help by participating in the FLEX FOR THE FIGHT CHALLENGE. Challenge ten of your friends to snap a picture of their best Flex Pose and post it on social media. Remember to have them tag it with #flexforthefight.

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Advocacy Opportunities

A patient advocate supports individuals affected by cancer and helps patients navigate from diagnosis to survivorship. Advocates have been there and can help newly diagnosed patients prepare for what is ahead.

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