Lung Cancer Screening at Oklahoma Proton Center

Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

Oklahoma Proton Center offers lung cancer screening via low-dose CT scans with a new state-of-the-art Siemens CT Scanner. These scans are considered the gold standard for lung cancer screening and are recommended for patients at increased risk of lung cancer due to lifestyle.

Is Lung Cancer Screening Covered by Insurance?

Depending on smoking history, your insurance company may pay for the scan. Otherwise, the cash pay rate for the scan is just $150.

The entire scan process, including the initial appointment, takes about an hour, and results are usually available in less than a week. Call Oklahoma Proton Center today to schedule your annual lung screening scan.

What is Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening is a regular preventive health check, like a mammogram or a colonoscopy. The purpose of screening is to check your lungs while you are feeling healthy and to look for any changes from year to year. If there’s something unusual in the lungs, a screening may be able to find it at an early stage.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women. Lung cancer screening is meant to find lung cancer at an earlier stage when survival rates are better.


Low-Dose CT Lung Screening Has Proven Clinical Results

Research shows that annual low-dose lung screening can detect lung cancer at earlier stages, increase survival rates, and provide results using less radiation than a standard chest CT scan. Low-dose CT screening is the only preventive measure recommended to detect lung cancer.

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Preparing For Your Lung Screening at Oklahoma Proton Center

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Will insurance pay for my scan? Most insurance plans cover low-dose CT lung scans for individuals over the age of 50 with a smoking history of 20+ pack years who have smoked within the previous 15 years.
  • What is a “pack year”? One pack year is equivalent to smoking a pack a day for one year. Smoking 1 pack a day for a year= 1 pack year. Smoking 2 packs a day for 1 year = 2 pack years. And so on.
  • How long until I get the results? 72 hours or less.
  • Do I need a physician referral? No referral is required. Simply contact the Center to schedule your screening.
  • How soon can I get in to be screened? Typically within 48 hours. Same day screenings are often available.
  • Who will be reading my scan? Dr. Jeremy Theisen
  • How long will the scan take? The scan itself only takes about 15 minutes. Patients are usually in and out of the facility in less than an hour.
  • What happens after I get my results? Most often, lung scans come back clear. If your results indicate you may have lung cancer, a team member from Oklahoma Proton Center will assist with scheduling your next steps within 24 business hours.

Why Oklahoma Proton Center?

Oklahoma Proton Center makes it easy for patients to get in and out quickly and provides results faster than most other facilities. We also use a brand new state-of-the-art Siemens CT Scanner that provides optimal image quality for detecting even the hardest to see issues. Our radiologists are of the most respected in the state and have extensive experience reading lung screening scans.

Who is at Risk for Lung Cancer

You may be at increased risk for lung cancer and should consider screening with a Low Dose CT lung scan if you:

  • Have a history of smoking or exposure to 2nd hand smoke
  • Have exposure to other carcinogens such as asbestos, radon, or diesel exhaust
  • Are a Firefighter
  • Are a cancer patient who received prior radiation to the chest
  • Have a family history of lung cancer

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Lung Cancer

Most lung cancers do not cause any symptoms in the early stage. Get all of the information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment by reaching out to our team today. Early detection saves lives.


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