Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

Fight head and neck cancer with innovative proton therapy treatment.

About Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

A head or neck cancer diagnosis can be unsettling news as it has the potential to impact daily functions. In fact, there are an estimated 65,410 other individuals with head and neck cancers in the U.S. fighting to beat a similar diagnosis. Head and neck cancers are often found near critical structures like the spinal cord, optic nerve, esophagus, thyroid gland, voice box, jawbone or salivary glands, making choosing the right form of radiation treatment a key component of a patient’s quality of life.


Benefits of Proton Therapy For Head and Neck Cancer

With proton therapy, our team can precisely target your tumor to the exact depth, sparing the critical organs and structures surrounding it. We’re here to help you get the most advanced and precise treatment possible, allowing you to fight cancer directly and help save you from many unwanted short- and long-term side effects.

Proton therapy reduces excess radiation exposure and toxicity, which helps lower your risk for unnecessary side effects. Additionally, proton therapy for head and neck cancers can help lower the risk of needing a feeding tube during treatment.

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The Treatment Process

Your doctor will work with you on a treatment regimen that makes the most sense for your diagnosis. Treatments, also known as protocols, for head and neck cancer can range anywhere from 30 to 37 protocols with each session averaging about 20 to 30 minutes. Treatments occur at the center every day, Monday through Friday.

Proton therapy’s precision spared me from losing my hearing and sight because my tumor was located in my sinus.
Tony Petty
We had such a good experience at the proton center, the people and the medical staff. The whole environment was welcoming and really helped parents, especially the ones that had to travel from afar.
Devon Thompson, father of head & neck cancer survivor

Brain & CNS Cancer

Head and neck tumors typically begin in the moist tissues that line the mouth, nose and throat. Get all of the information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment by contacting the Oklahoma Proton Center team below.


Why We’re Different

With a state-of-the-art facility and an expert team of oncologists and therapists, we build personalized proton therapy treatment plans that best fit each cancer diagnosis.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together commonly asked questions about proton therapy, patient care and insurance options to ensure you have the answers you need.

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