Real Men Wear Pink Campaign

Dr. Mark Storey in a large inflatable pink chair

Today, I’m announcing my “Real Men Wear Pink Campaign” to help raise money to fight breast cancer.


The campaign will run from August – October as we hold events to raise money and awareness regarding breast cancer and the risk and impact that the disease has on both men and women.

It’s a great cause and one that I believe in. It hits close to home and the American Cancer Society is a great partner to represent.

Thank you for any support. I’ll get back to content here in a bit. Busy week 🙂

Update: 8/1/2019 – We hosted an event for Project 31 tonight – a great local support group for women diagnosed with breast cancer. It fills in a gap for women where they can ask more personal questions and talk to women who have been treated and conquered their disease. The page blog image is from tonight’s event.

Special shout-out to David Raubach, Chief Development Officer of the Oklahoma Proton Center, who started off the evening with a pledge to contribute $500 to our Real Men Wear Pink Campaign. Truly an amazing and charitable to start our campaign.

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