Protons 101: Prostate Cancer: Summary of Current Data

DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t. And please note – today, I just talk about traditional fractionation schedules or modestly hypofractionated data. Today, I’m refreshing a post from may of 2019 where I reviewed prostate cancer radiation outcome data. That post made me focus on intermediate risk disease, and […]

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Protons 101: An Example of a CNS Tumor Proton Therapy Plan

Today we’ll look at a place where there actually are not large studies showing significant benefits to proton therapy. So if you don’t think protons are better, you could easily use this disease site to state that there is very little evidence of improvement in outcomes with the use of proton therapy. I will point […]

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Real Men Wear Pink Campaign

Today, I’m announcing my “Real Men Wear Pink Campaign” to help raise money to fight breast cancer. OFFICIAL LINK TO MY AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY PAGE. The campaign will run from August – October as we hold events to raise money and awareness regarding breast cancer and the risk and impact that the disease has on […]

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Protons 101: An example of a breast cancer proton therapy plan

Today, we’ll walk through images from a breast cancer proton plan. From a technical standpoint, Its a unique case for a number of reasons but it does showcase some places and ways in which proton plans greatly outperform what we can accomplish using a traditional linear accelerator with either photons or electrons. Breast Cancer Treatment: […]

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Protons 101: What is radiation therapy?

DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t. The Three Primary Treatment Options for Cancer Patients The 3 main oncology (cancer) physician specialties are: Surgical Oncology: removes the cancer or the majority of it with an operation Radiation Oncology: destroys the cancer cells with radiation damage Medical Oncology: chemotherapy or whole […]

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Protons 101: Proton Therapy cuts severe side effects for patients by well over 50% – New study results

A new study was just released showing that, across a variety of cancers, proton therapy results in dramatically less severe side effects for patients. Results from the Study Simply stated this study shows that if doctors recommend radiation and chemotherapy together to treat your cancer, you can cut your risk of severe side effects from […]

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