Protons 101: Breast Cancer, Radiation, and Heart Health

DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t. Protecting the heart during the treatment of breast cancer is a critical component of developing an overall cancer treatment plan for a breast cancer patient. Before we start the more technical side of the discussion, I’d like to remind everyone of the basics […]

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Protons 101: Prostate Cancer: Summary of Current Data

LAST UPDATED: August 2019 to reflect the new August 3rd Lancet randomized prostate cancer trial. Summary of Current Prostate Cancer Outcome Data for Patients Treated with Radiation: Below is a table summarizing recent trials that have been published on prostate cancer. This table simply attempts to summarize current data comparing external beam radiation (both 3D […]

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Protons 101 – Where Radiation Dose Goes

DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t. Today we’ll look at total integral dose delivered to the patient across a variety of cancers treated with radiation. Here is the crazy part of this post: For most treatments, much more radiation dose is delivered in normal healthy tissues than the target. […]

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Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month – April 2019

DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t. The month of April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month. So today we’ll look a bit closer at Proton Therapy and when it can be effectively utilized in this disease. Esophageal cancer will be diagnosed in about 18,000 new cases this year in the […]

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Protons 101: Esophageal Cancer Treatment with Protons

DISCLAIMER / About the Blog – Please read once if you haven’t.   An Esophageal Cancer comparison plan performed at the Oklahoma Proton Center showing the difference in radiation dose between an IMRT plan on the left and a Proton Therapy plan on the right. Here is another example of a case and a tumor […]

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Protons 101: What is Proton Therapy?

On a basic level, this is always the first question I get when asked why I moved to Oklahoma – What is Proton Therapy? So today, I’ll try to give a balanced look at why they are better and why, even with that statement, why they aren’t for every case: Breakdown of Proton Therapy In […]

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Benefits of Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer

TOTAL DOSE: A SIMPLE EXAMPLE SHOWING JUST HOW MUCH LESS WE TREAT WITH PROTON THERAPY. One of the more commonly treated cancers with Proton Therapy is prostate cancer. It’s use for prostate cancer has been a controversial topic for decades as people argue costs vs. benefits. In general, I think this is because men with […]

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