Brain & CNS Cancer Treatment

Fight brain and central nervous system cancers with innovative proton therapy treatment.


Brain and CNS tumors are notoriously difficult to treat, which makes choosing the appropriate treatment plan extremely important. With traditional forms of radiation therapy, the risk of exposing healthy tissue to harmful excess radiation is greater. With proton therapy, we can reduce exposure to excess radiation by precisely targeting the tumor, decreasing the risk of short- and long-term side effects. Fighting cancer with proton therapy will help protect nearby structures and tissues in the brain, brainstem, pituitary gland and nerves to help protect your vision, hearing and motor skills. Brain tumors most appropriate for proton therapy include: gliomas, glioblastomas, ependymomas, medulloblastomas, pineal tumors, supratentorial PNET, germ cell tumors, pituitary gland tumors, base of skull tumors (Chordomas), almost all pediatric brain tumors, recurrent brain tumors and benign tumors.


Often times treatment for brain and CNS tumors cannot be treated through surgery alone and require some form of radiation therapy. Because these tumors are located near delicate and vital tissues, proton therapy is a strongly recommended choice of radiation as it can help minimize unnecessary radiation exposure and damage.

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    reduction in secondary brain tumor from treatment
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    increase in disease control for base of skull tumors
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    reduction in average dose to the hippocampi (memory function) in treatment of meningiomas
Brain & CNS Cancer Treatment Process Oklahoma City


Your doctor will work with you on a treatment regimen that makes the most sense for your diagnosis. Treatments, also known as protocols, for Brain & CNS cancer can range anywhere from 10 to 35 protocols with each session averaging about 20 to 30 minutes. Treatments occur at the center every day, Monday through Friday.

  • My brain tumor journey began in 2009. Proton therapy treatment helped protect the left side of my brain and the deep brain portions that regulate my sleep and my mood. The Oklahoma Proton Center is a positive, warm, inviting, special place. I am a survivor. - Lisa Pybas, Brain Cancer Survivor

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