Proton Therapy: More than a Cure, Quality of Life

Known for its precision and reduced impact on healthy tissues, proton therapy is a promising option for certain cancer patients. Proton therapy utilizes charged particles called protons to target and destroy cancer cells with remarkable precision. Unlike conventional radiation therapy, protons can be controlled to release their energy at a specific depth within tissues, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy cells. 

Oklahoma Proton Center is one of the leading proton centers in the country, having treated over 5,000 patients since opening in 2009. Patients from all over the region have traveled there for treatment for cancers such as lung, prostate, breast, brain, esophageal, liver, soft tissue, head and neck, and more.

“Our goal is to obviously provide the best clinical care possible for patients, but we also want patients to have an excellent experience during treatment. We want patients to get that personalized care where they truly feel like they are the most important person at the facility while they are going through treatment,” said David Raubach, Chief Development Officer at Oklahoma Proton Center.

Patients or others wanting more information about proton therapy can reach out to Oklahoma Proton Center at (405) 773-7600.

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