Prostate Cancer Treatment

Fight prostate cancer with innovative proton therapy treatment.


If you have prostate cancer, you are not alone - approximately 220,000 men are diagnosed in the United States each year. In fact, other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men. However, it is also one of the most treatable, especially if detected early. Proton therapy best benefits patients with low, intermediate or high-risk prostate cancer or recurrence after surgery.


Unlike X-ray radiation from traditional treatments like IMRT, TomoTherapy, and Cyberknife, protons can be stopped inside the tumor, which can lower the exposure to excess radiation to the bladder, rectum, and other healthy tissue. This reduces the risk of side effects such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence. The painless and noninvasive nature of proton therapy will allow you to continue on with an active lifestyle throughout treatment. Proton therapy also has a higher overall survival outcome compared to traditional radiation treatment in some instances.

  • %
    Reduction in urinary-, sexual- and bladder-related side effects
  • %
    Increase in survival when compared to IMRT for intermediate risk prostate cancer
  • %
    cancer free at 5.5 years*
Prostate Cancer Treatment Process in Oklahoma City


We are committed to offering our patients the most advanced treatment options to optimize their quality of life. Before proton therapy treatments begin, SpaceOAR hydrogel is placed to further protect organs at risk.  Proton therapy treatments occur every day, Monday – Friday, over the course of up to 44 treatments. Each daily treatment typically takes 20-30 minutes. Most patients are able to continue with their normal daily routine during their treatment regimen. One of our doctors will meet with the you to discuss your specific diagnosis.

  • After I reviewed my options and spoke with friends who received prostate cancer treatment, I decided on proton therapy because it was the least invasive and had minimal side effects. I received proton therapy treatment at the Oklahoma Proton Center for two months and it didn’t interfere with my day-to-day life. I could still play with my grandkids, go on walks with my wife and do everything I did before prostate cancer. – Mike Bible, Prostate Cancer Survivor

  • Knowing that I could have treatments and not have potential side effects was a big deal. I can have my treatment at 8:00 and be back in the office by 8:30 and conduct a regular day. When you come in knowing you have cancer, it’s nice to have someone on the other side that says, ‘hey, we understand.’ There are great people here. -Richard Fransen, Prostate Cancer Survivor

  • Even though I know my cancer is gone, I continue to get support from the Oklahoma Proton Center. You never feel like you’re going through this alone. - Ken Lafayette, Prostate Cancer Survivor

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    Prostate Cancer

    Most common among older men, prostate cancer originates in the prostate gland and can spread if not treated.

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    With a state-of-the-art facility and an expert team of oncologists and therapists, we build personalized proton therapy treatment plans that best fit each cancer diagnosis.

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