Project 31: Community of Breast Cancer Survivors

Today I’d like to highlight one of our local partners: Project 31

Project 31 is a breast cancer community formed by and for breast cancer survivors. It fills a role where I think the medical community at large often misses in its ability to really offer the type of whole person / family support for patients. It is focused on breast cancer and if you live in the central OK region or even Northwest Arkansas or southern Kansas or northern Texas, I’d encourage patients or survivors of breast cancer to check out the main site and consider becoming involved in this community project.

I recently sat down with Sarah and we discussed breast cancer, heart health, and how proton therapy might benefit patients with breast cancer.

Link to Podcast

The Pink Ribbon Roller Coaster – June 2, 2019 – Proton Therapy & Breast Cancer

Dr. Mark Storey MD
Medical Director, Oklahoma Proton Center

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