Frontline Stories Krystal Bill

Krystal Bill
Nurse Practitioner

My name is Krystal Bills. I am a Nurse Practitioner at Oklahoma Proton Center.


After 10 years in the Cardio-Thoracic operating room setting, my career goals shifted when my mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I became very passionate about the care provided to patients undergoing cancer treatment after experiencing the cancer diagnosis of a loved one first hand.


As the daughter of a cancer survivor, I understand the difficulties patients face all too well. These challenges begin with the news of their diagnosis and continue throughout any ongoing treatment. I found myself wanting to be a part of a team that provides the most innovative cancer treatments and the most compassionate care possible. It was this desire that led me to proton therapy.


As an NP at the proton center, I help establish and continue the care of patients undergoing treatment. It is my responsibility to ensure patients are closely followed during and after their treatment to confidently provide the best care possible and assist in managing any of their health, wellness, and emotional needs.


I love the opportunity to develop relationships with my patients and their families during one of the most challenging and most vulnerable times in their lives. I am also thrilled to be working alongside an exceptional group of professionals who share the same drive to make a real difference in the healthcare world. I learn daily from my colleagues and my patients. Because cancer care is always evolving and improving, I am able to continually learn and grow in my career, which is incredibly exciting for me. Being on the frontlines of cutting-edge therapies that help improve and save the lives of so many is all I could’ve hoped for in a career.