Oklahoma Proton Center's mission is to improve the lives of patients with cancer by increasing access to proton therapy.

Oklahoma Patients, Physicians & Cancer Care Advocates Participate in Campaign to Ensure Fair & Timely Access to Proton Therapy

ProCure supports Tell Insurers: Fight Cancer, Not Me nationwide advocacy campaign

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 25, 2017) - ProCure Proton Therapy Center today announced its support for Tell Insurers: Fight Cancer, Not Me, a nationwide advocacy campaign led by the Alliance for Proton Therapy Access, a newly formed community of patients, patient families and friends, caregivers and physicians speaking out so that all cancer patients seeking proton therapy will receive fair, timely and transparent payment decisions from their health insurers.

The Alliance believes all cancer patients deserve fair and timely access to the best available treatment recommended by their physicians. Too many patients, however, experience insurance company delays and denials when their doctors recommend proton radiation therapy.

As part of its campaign, the Alliance has issued a letter to health insurers asking them to be clear and transparent about their proton therapy coverage policies and procedures. The campaign’s goal is to create an open and honest dialogue to find positive solutions so that patients and physicians can receive prompt decisions from insurers that are consistent and based on full knowledge and understanding of proton therapy’s efficacy for treating and delivering best quality of life outcomes for patients with certain types of cancer.

"Cancer patients seeking proton therapy deserve fair, timely payment decisions from insurers that consider the recommending physician's expertise and the treatment's efficacy," stated Andrew Knizley, president of ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City. "Cancer patients are struggling with so much already, they shouldn’t have to struggle through senseless appeals and delays or denials, but too often that's exactly what happens."

As part of this week’s campaign launch, ProCure is featuring a large banner in their center and asking patients, loved ones and center staff to write about how proton therapy has impacted their lives. Advocates can also support fair access to proton therapy online by signing a petition to insurers and sharing their story about how proton therapy helped them, the hurdles and barriers they have experienced, or both.

To learn more about the Alliance campaign, visit Follow the conversation at #FightCancerNotMe.

ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with cancer by increasing access to proton therapy. The center opened in July 2009 as the sixth operational proton therapy center in the United States. Today, ProCure is one of approximately two dozen centers nationwide. ProCure is dedicated to excellent patient care and advancing proton therapy through innovation and improvements in technology. For more information, visit

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